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About The Artist

James Dean, the author and illustrator of the children’s books “Pete the Cat,“ majored in engineering in college because he didn’t think he could make a living with his first love: art.

That’s exactly how Nancy Filson felt...she wondered how she'd support herself as an artist; as a woman exploring her passion in the 1970s, chances of success were slim. So art, in many different mediums, became a lifelong hobby for Nancy; the kind of hobby where endorphins would kick in, burying the need to sleep or eat.  

In her career as an elementary school teacher, she introduced many children to the basics of watercolors and discovered new budding artists. Even after getting married and raising three beautiful children, her passion for art only grew stronger. She recounts many après-midnight sessions painting watercolors in her little breakfast nook. Selling or gifting much of her art along the way, she's now releasing a special collection of her remaining treasured pieces.


Note from the artist:

"A shout out to all the artists finding a way to indulge their passion in art and get paid for it! I enjoyed following CreationsCeeCee and ShaydaCampbell on Patreon. Their fresh approach to watercolor was fun and I enjoyed trying some of their tutorials! Find an artist you enjoy and support them on Patreon!" - Nancy Filson